2018-Tomasz Rozmus visited several countries in Europe looking for investors for his tokenizing platform. Finally he receives invitation from very large Polish community in UK

2018- Tomasz Rozmus crowdfunding hundreds of thousands for his new projects which was ” THE MOST WORLD TRANSPARENT CRYPTO EXCHANGE” do see the irony and scam  professionalism

In exchange for money he issue TEO coin. More coins you buy than than more profit share you have from exchange.  The crypto exchange name TOKENEO www.tokeneo.com came to exist.

The exchange started to pick up in 2019 with beginning of crypto Hossa. In this time a lot of people bought crypto and keeping BTC and ETH on platform. 

In 2020 in the pick of buying a lot of people transfer BTC ETH  to sell or buy short time. It was the pick perhaps well calculated. This is the time when it starts be very difficult to withrow BTC ETH from platform and support was quiet.

February 2021 the crypto Exchange  Tokeneo was closed up and holders were promised to get the crypto back by contacting support which was always quiet. In the same time or even day Tomasz Rozmus starts new company and crowdfunding another website, totally abounding the Tokeneo investors.

Investors left with silence from support start contacting police and polish prosecutor office which starts discovering   that it was sophisticated chain of Tomasz Rozmus companies i purpose to money launder and and bring prove evidence of criminal action to judge and prosecution  very difficult to chaise. This chain of companies in many countries leaves investors that with conclusion that it was professionally plan and executed to scam.

April 2021 Supportis quiet, the Tokeneo office in Poland is closed up. Toasz Rozmus pretends to open Telegram group support which goes quiet again., promoting new project of crypto exchange in Poland named www.kryptowaluty.com

Finally the polish prosecution office closed bank account of old company Tokeneo and new company Kryptowaluty.com at this time the theft and froud of Tomasz Rozmus became obvious. Prosecution finds no BTC and ETH on exchangeand lot of money from investors missing.

Jun 2021 Tomasz Rozmus leaves to Dubai UAE and starts new company new crowdfunding and new forex and crypto courses. Til this time police, prosecution office, investors and robed crypto holdes are left with questins. The clost friends passesed the message that he is not vcomming back and moving over

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