On the way of Tomasz Rozmu ventures there were a lot who joined him as business partners with resources and good believe. Unfortunately they all were left with disappointment, shame, money fraud and very often with Police investigation. There are three major groups.

At first there are hundreds of people who invested their money in Tomasz Rozmus crypto project. Those projects were all put deliberately put down and every single of his 5 projects were found o be fraud and very well orchestrated theft.

The next group were people who work for his projectors. Group of developers including contractors who very often were not paid for work their done with often loses of their own resources. Those people more important are often with shame as very often are accused of involvement in Tomasz R. frauds and money laundering.

Finally there were people who bought shares in going down crypto projects. Some of partners bought entire companies when Tomasz Rozmus felt to do the exist scam. Hard to say if those people were aware of the frauds but certainly were faced with unpaid creditors and conductors in the end.

We warn anyone who wants to partner with Tomasz Rozmus